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At Revolution Fitness NY and Albany NY Fitness gym, we specialize in boot camp group classes and personal training to get you the results that members seek through our unique training philosophy. You will learn the basic fundamentals of nutrition and functional fitness for daily living. You will also learn the importance of and how to make the “mind-to-muscle” connection. We help you focus on your individual goals and how to properly achieve them. Through our series of progressions you will discover what you are physically and mentally able to achieve; you will experience a mind-body revolution.

Our expert trainers can help you achieve your goals whether it is weight loss, getting stronger, or just making fitness apart of your normal routine.

Knowing where to start is a critical step in your fitness goals and we here at Revolution Fitness NY and Albany NY Fitness can help.


Look what our members had to say:

“All I can say about Revolution Fitness NY (Albany NY Fitness) is … I love my gym!!! I have  amazing trainers and they have made me believe that I can do ANYTHING…..they have given me so much fitness and nutritional knowledge and I love to pay it forward to help someone else when ever I can. At age 47 I am in the best shape of my life and it feels really good. Lets not forget my wonderful gym family. We talk, we laugh, we complain but we work super hard and we really push each other every day resulting in losing 46 pounds, 4 pant sizes, 4 shirts sizes” -Mona B

“Revolution Fitness NY (Albany NY Fitness) is simply the BEST! They are motivating and encouraging and believe in me and all of their members. Starting with the 24 Day Challenge & 8 weeks later and I have lost 27 pounds, many inches, 2 dress sizes and 1 pants size so far. More importantly, I have gained confidence, new friends, increased stamina, a better understanding of my body and what it needs and a sense of pride for challenging myself in every workout. For years I have tried to lose weight and NOTHING ever worked. No diet or gym membership ever gave me the motivation that Revolution Fitness NY (Albany NY Fitness) has given me. I have so much energy and feel more alert and overall just amazing! I can’t say enough about this place and the incredible trainers!!!!” -Amber F

“Since I starting training with Alan at Albany NY Fitness I have dropped 6 pant sizes and over 85 pounds THAT”S RIGHT 85 pounds!! It gets better. I have been taken off 2 medications that were prescribed by my DR a few years ago. At Albany NY Fitness your aren’t just another number. They teach you the fundamentals of exercise and spend the extra time to ensure you understand. I also know my trainer is only a text or email away which is a great service when you’re feeling lost. I love the wide arrangement of exercise that keeps me from getting bored and always keeps me challenged. The encouragement ,dedication to their clients and obvious results from their program keeps me coming back. I have never felt this great and so full of energy in my life. If you were like me and you struggled on your own to find a real solution to weight loss, fitness, nutrition then you don’t have to do it alone anymore!!! -Joy

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